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Every decorating dilemma has a story behind it.  Feel free to sit down in your comfortable chair to receive Inspiration for Your story.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more Inspiration!

2022Holiday Decorations

As 2021 holiday decorations were being packed away for another year, a fun thought came to my head.  Hmmm...let's do homemade decorations for next year! Throughout 2022, I want to begin creating holiday decorations for my home.  A color scheme came to mind first.  If you want to have a homemade Christmas in 2022, follow along on my journey.  Decide your color scheme first.  Be sure to share with me YOUR homemade decorations, too.  Do you have a phrase that captures your memories of Christmas through the years?  Is there a Christmas Holiday memory that has been made into a family tradition?  Build those memories as you create your decorations.  THIS is YOUR Christmas!


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