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Every decorating dilemma has a story behind it.  Feel free to sit down in your comfortable chair to receive Inspiration for Your story.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more Inspiration!

Kitchen Renovation

Making small changes to an existing room, a much used room like a kitchen, sometimes leads to a domino effect.  Change one small touch, the other pieces of the puzzle fall right into place.

This kitchen hasn't been touched for over 40 years!  It needed to be brightened!  Dark wood cabinets, yellowed wallpaper, dim recessed lighting were showing signs of aging. It didn't show any signs of today's trends at all.  

Once the recessed lighting was changed to LED dimmable lights [These were added to the Home Kit to manage the setting of the lights], the room woke up!  This lead to the changing of the wallpaper.  Out with the old yellowed small printed wallpaper to a bright, woven blend of teal and sage on a white background.  These simple little changes made a huge change in the room.  Strip lighting, under the counter,  was added to the Home Kit here, too.  Little steps bringing life into this space.  

A major decision was next on the agenda.  

To paint the dark cabinets or not--that was the big question.  

Removing the cabinet doors opened up the room.  Displaying Kirkland's Simply Simple [midnight and sage] Stoneware with other white dishware and glassware created organization to the open shelves.  Painting the inside of the cabinets and shelves Eddie Bauer Craft White finally brought the picture together.  But, now, do we paint the outside of the drawers, lower cabinets, and fronts to match the interior of the cabinets?  One step at a time.  A little at a time won't break the budget, but will spark a fire in the decorating dilemma.   New quartz countertops, new island butcher block countertop, new windows, and new stainless steel appliances will complete this bright new kitchen renovation.  Updated accessories with today's colors and trends will complete this simple renovation.  What a huge difference it will make in little baby steps.

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