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Marble Surface

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Every decorating dilemma has a story behind it.  Feel free to sit down in your comfortable chair to receive Inspiration for Your story.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more Inspiration!

Bedroom Retreat

Joel & Victoria Baker are now empty-nesters!  As their new season begins, they asked to have a Bedroom Retreat created in their existing bedroom.  To create that special retreat, minor remodeling changes were made by adding wainscoting on the walls, a new color scheme, and cozy tranquil details were added.

Victoria spends her spare time relaxing with puzzles.  She found a serene Thomas Kincaid puzzle that we used to FOCUS for their theme of the room.  Every room needs a FOCUS!  The puzzle was glued together and framed to hang as a focal point.  A light bar was attached to the backside of the headboard to light up the room with ambiance.  Different colors can be changed to set the mood.  The color scheme was created by matching the colors of the puzzle.

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