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Traditions ~~ A ❤️ for Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas...not a creature was stirring except me and my heart. Reflecting back to my childhood years, I will always remember the joy we had at Christmas. December was a busy month. I loved the hustle and bustle even at an early age.

Christmas music. Christmas programs. Christmas caroling.

Our family would always get together on Christmas Eve with my mom's family--Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts & Uncles, and all of my cousins!. Grandma, a professional seamstress, always made our flannel pjs, crochet slippers, and/or quilted robes. We knew we would receive something special made with love from Grandma's hands. Spending time with the entire family created an everlasting bond between all of us! Memories I will cherish forever!

Dad worked hard --sometimes being the best in sales -- bringing us Christmas gifts galore. Christmas time was his favorite. My parents would spoil us BIG time every year. They gave us everything we needed and more. Their faces would shine watching us open presents. Christmas music would be playing in the house. The joyous atmosphere was so warm, cozy and loving.

I especially remember ... the trees and the decorations throughout the years. One year Dad brought home a large size Santa climbing a ladder that he placed next to the fireplace. It wasn't like any of the Santa decorations you would see today. It was so real! Dad had a tree in the 60's that was silver with pom-pom branches. It came with a revolving color light. We would watch it for hours turning gold, red, blue and green. He had his favorite decorations especially those ceramics created by my sister. He was so proud of the complete nativity scene and a small Christmas tree with the different colored lights! Our decorations at home created my love and passion for home decorating especially at Christmas! It was his dreaming that he passed to me the passion of decorating and gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams!

Then, of course, the smell of baking filled the air along with the scent of pine from the Christmas tree and the crackling logs in the fireplace. One of my favorite memories --

"Is it time yet?"

You know the feeling of excitement when you know Santa has made his visit. The beautifully wrapped gifts are surrounding the room. We would wake up early Christmas morning--while my mom and dad would "try" to get some rest (one doesn't think about this until you are much older). My siblings and I would take turns asking "is it time yet?" Can we finally open our presents?

There are so many memories flooding my head and heart right now. You see, although he passed away last Christmas; this Christmas is the first Christmas to share his love with my new grandson and soon to arrive granddaughter. This year, the tree is beautifully decorated. Decorations are scattered throughout the house. The aroma of our Christmas Dinner is in the air along with the familiar scent of pine. Candles flicker. Quiet Christmas music stirs my heart and calms my soul. God brings peace to an emotional heart. We will begin a new tradition for our family this year. I can't wait ... is it time yet?

As I close with visions of reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to my grandchildren, I pray for you and your family. May God Bless You & Your Family with Moments to Cherish for Generation to Generation. May He bring peace to your heart. I pray you enjoy the gift of Christmas -- Jesus Christ in Your Life; the Gift of Everlasting Love.

May the ❤️ of Christmas be with you all year long! Merry Christmas!

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