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There's No Place Like Gnome for the Holidays

Well, friends, the holiday clock has started ticking! After Halloween, the stores have begun the new holiday season for 2021. The smells of hot apple cider, hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint, cookies and candies are in the air. As I was shopping today, the cold wind was blowing. It looked like small specks of snow were falling from the sky--winter is coming!

Getting in the Christmas mood begins with making lists for all the holiday events scheduled on a busy calendar; a list for baking, a list for gift giving, a list for Christmas cards, a list for events for Christmas parties, school events, and church services. [I'm a list maker to keep my plans straight in my head. If you need a great app for your list, check out an app called AnyList. | | I make a list for everything! And it can be customized to your taste.]

Then we have the big event . . . Christmas decorating.

One question to ask is -- do we decorate to coordinate with our home interior scheme? Or do we decorate with the current seasonal trends and colors? Maybe we will decorate with homemade decorations. The stores are stocked with the current trends. And it seems the gnomes are everywhere! These little creatures will grow on you! Unlike the mischievous Elf on the Shelf, the little gnomes are just plain cute popping out in the least expected places. This year's colors seem to be Christmas red and black. Gotta love the winter plaid! You'll also see more of an outdoor theme with the deer, nature items with evergreen branches and berries, and wood signs.

But what do we do if we want to use our home interior scheme instead of the current trend? Find your color for your decorations in the neutrals. You should always be able to find white, silver, gold, grey and now black for decorations. And, of course, a room can always use a touch of red with any color scheme! Let that red POP this Christmas! Decorating the tree is just the beginning. Don't forget the fireplace mantel, the stockings, your door, the porch, windows and dining room table centerpiece. Do you wrap your gifts in paper and ribbons that coordinate with your color scheme? Continue with a warm cozy feel with your holiday pillows and soft cuddly throws. Little touches like a flickering candle or oils diffusing with your favorite holiday scent will complete the atmosphere for your home for everyone to enjoy. Now get the fire going, sit down for some great homemade cookies, and listen to your favorite Christmas music to relax.

I will be setting up my decorations the weekend of Thanksgiving. As you decorate your home for the holidays, post your decorations to share on this website to inspire and share your holiday cheer. I will post mine--be watching for pictures the week after Thanksgiving!

Let the decorations and celebrations begin! May your holiday be Merry & Bright! Be thankful and May God Bless You!

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