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Simplify 2022

Oh where, oh where do we begin ...

When looking at the huge task of simplifying your life in 2022, don't throw up your hands in defeat. Just like preparing for a race, we need to plan and prepare. Jumping into a large task, such as this, will only devastate you. Break things down into smaller tasks to get to the desired results. Rome wasn't built overnight. Your home didn't get in this state overnight. If you are anything like me, this state took years to get where we are now!

After viewing a documentary about Minimalism, I realized ...

I want this and I can DO this!

The documentary started by breaking down the entire home/apartment into boxes! It was as if one was moving out entirely. The room was a clean slate. Boring and drab; a blank canvas. No personality. When building your room back for the living area, remove from the boxes ONLY what is needed; the essentials. To decorate the room, add few special pieces strategically placed to add personality back into the room as if it were expensive artwork. It has to make a point to be added back into the room! This will simplify the room. Remove the boxes to another area until you know nothing else is needed. One would be surprised how much is not even missed!

Another method to simplify is to empty -- room by room -- the shelves, cabinets, drawers, tabletops individually into stacks for Keeping, Trashing, and Donating. This method doesn't always result with the clean declutter because we seem to want to keep everything. I tend to like this method on a monthly clean review.

Schedule Routines

What do I mean by a weekly/monthly clean review? It is so much easier to break down tasks on a weekly/monthly basis. I made Minimizing my 2021 Resolution. This was the first and only time for me to keep my resolution all year long! I felt it was so successful; I've included it as my resolution for 2022. Breaking the routine down into weekly/months seemed to make this goal achievable.

Let's break this down -- Weekly.

When sitting down to plan my weekly schedule, I've penciled in a specific day [like an appointment that I can't cancel or I will have to pay a price 😊] for a room to be cleaned. For example, Monday is set aside for the Kitchen. It is the beginning of the week after a crazy, busy weekend with the family.

Tuesday is set aside for the LivingRoom/DiningRoom [open space with the Kitchen].

Wednesday is set aside for the Bathroom.

Thursday is set aside for the Bedroom.

Friday is set aside for the Office.

Saturday is set aside for the LaundryRoom.

Sunday is my day of rest, but it could be for any other room of the house or exterior that needs attention.

By scheduling time every day, this keeps the house in order without spending the entire day on it. Your daily schedule will depend on your day and lifestyle. Make it yours!

Declutter ...

Now, how do we break the deep cleaning down to declutter? Take a month for an individual room in your home.

My Kitchen was set for January--in doing this, I was able to do a little renovating at the same time. I discarded items that didn't fit with my new decor; replaced them with new decor. I also discarded items that hadn't used or even forgot I had. Some of these items are going to be sold through a yard sale, Facebook Marketplace or PoshMark. Normally, my LivingRoom/DiningRoom would be for February. Since this is so flexible; I've decided to create a hodgepodge room in the basement into a Craft Room. This year February will be spent on the basement. YIKES! I'm sure you can tell what I'm getting at--break each room into months to be able to minimize as stated in the earlier paragraphs. Be sure to write it down on paper or on your calendar. Make sure you DON'T break your appointments!

Keeping your home clean and organized should be simple. It shouldn't be a task IF it is truly minimized. Clean countertops, shelves, drawers, etc are much easier to clean than having to move and dust everything that needs to be picked up. It also takes away the beauty of your favorite pieces if it is cluttered by papers, magazines, books, gadgets, etc. I realize some might say this can't be done -- "I'm a working mother." "I'm working 2 jobs." "I just had a baby." -- there are all kinds of excuses. I know. I was a working mother. I didn't have time. Simply look at your busy calendar, schedule an hour a day to work on a room; just 1 hour. At first, use a timer to set your time. You'll be surprised how much can be done. What you don't get done this week, you'll always have the same time next week. Again, your home didn't find this state in a week; it has probably taken years.

By the way, I do the same thing with Laundry. I have a special day [evening] for white clothes, dark clothes, linens, towels, work clothes, etc. Breaking down our daily tasks makes a day flow so much better. The stress is less! You will feel like you have achieved your goal--finally!

Who doesn't dream of a simpler life? Be sure to post comments if you have tips that work for you. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about simplifying your life & home.

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