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Who’s ready to start this 2023 off with a bang? Resolutions are easily broken, but goals are easier to see. I’m a visual person making plans before starting anything. Why make additional steps if they aren’t needed? I like a simple home life—plain & simple; but beautiful. Decorating Stages has different levels of stages offered from new home design, remodel, redesign, and staging. I am so thrilled to introduce a new stage being offered called:

Decluttering and Organizing your home can be stressful and time consuming. Many start by thinking they need to take what they currently have and move it around. That is an extra step not needed. It actually doesn’t solve any problem; it just rearranges it. Attempting to do what you’ve seen others do before doesn’t even solve the problem because it isn’t YOUR organizing style. Your items will find their way back to your current situation. As a Certified Organizational Specialist, I am able to coach clients by virtual meetings at your location with decluttering | organizing skills to simplify your home in YOUR style. You will be able to make a plan, define your zones, declutter unnecessary items, sort through your personal belongings to decide their new place in your home. Decorating Stages will walk you through each step of the way—coaching you with tips and steps for future use to keep your home organized. Find out your organizing style with a free consultation by contacting me at

Also, it isn’t too late to join me for my January Kitchen Declutter Challenge. I began decluttering my home—room by room last year. Of course, decluttering isn’t just an once a year task. Every month, I would dedicate a room to completely declutter and organize. It was a chore, but it was exciting to see clean spaces in each room after completion. Believe me, it is much easier to take small steps at a time to get the task done properly. Your satisfaction of completion is priceless! Follow me on my challenge. Better yet, contact me for information to join with me in decluttering your space. It’s free. After that crazy holiday season, my kitchen is calling out to me. What a way to start the year! You haven’t missed anything—we’re still in the planning stages. [photo is not my kitchen. I will take photos to show you THEN | Now]. Let’s get started!

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