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Minimalism vs Declutter


Throughout the years there have been many types of exterior and interior home designs. Today we choose one style in particular or maybe even mix the styles together to make it our home. Some might not even know their style; they just feel comfortable or they are attracted to it for some reason. What kinds of things make you feel comfortable and at home? As a decorator, I find myself finding attractions to all types of home designs. I find myself having a difficult time finding a favorite color and style.


There are so many details and shades to choose. Personally, I find myself more comfortable with a more cozy, comfortable, straight lines lodge-feel; more primitive. I classify my home design style more towards the Craftsman and Prairie styles. [I've attached a board on my Decorating Stages Pinterest board for you to choose Your Home Design.]. Let me know what draws your attention.

Earlier this year, my husband and I watched a really interesting YouTube about Minimalism. This typically isn't my style, but I found it very interesting to watch. On the personal side of my story, I just graduated from Patricia Steven Career College in St. Louis, MO for Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising a week after getting married. Our first apartment was a clean slate for a new interior decorator! We barely had furniture and really nothing attractive for the walls. I attended a Home Interiors party for a friend of mine. Now, THIS was a decorator's dream! I was so excited to come home that night to show my husband all of my decorating plans! Needless to say, all of my dreams were impulsive! I loved putting together little arrangements that made a piece of art on the shelves. But these things made cleaning more difficult for a working woman. I found, after experimenting, that a clean shelf/table works better for time crunches. How can a minimalistic approach make for a complete look?

In the You Tube video we watched, the men in the video showed how they made the minimalism design work for them. It was very impressive! I thought to myself, "I can do that!" Believe it or not, this was my 2021 New Year Resolution! This is the only time in my life that I was able to KEEP my New Year's Resolution. I don't think I could call what I did Minimalism. I think I would consider it more as Declutter.

What I did was break down each room of my home by month. Each month I totally emptied out all things not necessary. I replaced, after deep cleaning, the room with only the necessary items. Clean shelves. Clean cabinets. Clean appliances. Items with meaningful purposes have been arranged throughout our home through artistic displays. Decluttering my home was fun and satisfying. Cleaning my home has been simplified. I think this is the trait of Minimalism that I can learn to love! I will repeat this technique for 2022 to keep things down from clutter.

Tips to Keeping Your Home Organized

  • Break down your time slot to FOCUS on an area--monthly, weekly, daily.

Monthly: Declutter a room monthly.

Weekly: Plan weekly menu

Daily: Clean a room daily -- windows | glass, furniture, lighting, floors, etc

Complete a load of laundry daily

Throw away junk mail daily; file important papers

  • Don't attempt to complete the entire house in one day!

  • Keep your cleaning supplies in an organizer that can go with you to every room.

Please share with me your Tips to Keeping Your Home Organized AND let me know Your Home Style Design.

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