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Halloween is just around the corner! The stores have already begun their Halloween/Fall decorations on the shelves. You know, when I was growing up, we would walk house to house Trick or Treating for candy. There was always a rule to follow, though, if the house didn't have their lights on or if we felt we weren't WELCOME; we wouldn't stop. That's scary when you see all of the witches, ghosts and goblins running the streets!

A Welcome Home ...

Your home should say "Welcome" as soon as it is seen inside or outside. The first impression can say a lot about you when approaching your front door. Is the outside clean and well kept? Is it cluttered with cutesy items? Is there a clear path to your front door? Sometimes even the simplest things can scare someone from coming to your door.

The First Impression ~~

is a Lasting Impression. When someone enters your home, what is the first impression they have? Stand at your home entrance. Look around as if you were a first time visitor. What are your first thoughts? Does it look clean? Is there clutter? Does it say "come on in, you're welcome here"?

It doesn't take much to make an appealing statement to your home. Your home's front entry reflects your style. What does "your" style say? "I live in my home." "My home is my palace. Don't touch!" "Come on in! Make yourself at home!" "I'm sorry. Just throw it on the floor. I'll get it later." "Please excuse my mess. I wasn't expecting visitors."

Here are a few things to do to welcome your guests.

  1. A simple cleaning of the area will make a huge impression! Clean the dirt, cobwebs (unless you're keeping them for your Halloween decorations 🕸), fingerprints, etc.

  2. Declutter the area. Be sure to complement your home; not obscure it! This will make it easier to see the beauty of your home. It also makes it easier to keep clean. A clutter-free home will make your home look much larger and inviting..

  3. A quick paint touch-up or a new coat of paint will spruce it up giving it a brand new appearance.

  4. Lighting is inviting. The homes without lights on, when Trick or Treating, always reminds me to stay away. Turn your lights on to shine on your home. Let the ambiance of your lighting reflect your warmth in your home.

  5. Keep your landscaping up to date. Trim your trees and shrubs. Keep your garden beds in shape by pruning, pulling weeds, and planting flowers. Colorful flowers and potted plants can add spark to your front porch. If you're not an outside person, (like me--I have a terrible green thumb), contact a professional for your landscaping needs. There are ways to create low maintenance landscaping.

  6. When walking into your home, be sure to have your entryway clutter free. Organization is key when dropping off your keys, purse, book bags, jackets, etc as you enter your home. Guests do not want to have to step over mountains of items to visit. Don't send them on a treasure hunt for a chair to relax. For ideas to organize entryways, please check out my Pinterest page for Entryways.

A clean organized home free of clutter is a Welcome Home. Be sure to check out next month's blog on Decorating Dilemma about minimizing!

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