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Let’s Go Shopping!

As everyone knows, I love shopping! Regardless if it is online or in store, shopping is fun! But I’m not talking of going ”that” kind of shopping right now. I’m talking shopping my clothes and personal items in my closet and bedroom right now. These are the clothes that have been in my closet and bedroom for probably more than 20 years. You know what I mean—that dress that I will eventually get back into, or the shirt I love and have worn almost every thread out. I actually have clothes that still have the tags still attached; never used. What’s that all about? My closet is so cluttered with things I haven’t worn forever! Why do I still have it? Believe it or not, I bought a dress that I still absolutely love! I attempted to wear it one time for a friend’s wedding. I even left the house wearing it, but as I was going down the road; I started thinking—this is too tight to wear all night long and to be able to enjoy the evening. I turned around; quickly changed clothes and proceeded to the wedding. Knowing it wouldn’t take much to feel better in it, I hung it and another dress I love on hangers outside of the closet as a reminder to lose weight. And now that I’ve lost weight, I find out they both hang on me. Ugggg—why me?

Well, who’s with me for a Closet Clean-Out Challenge?

There are several guidelines that I would like to share with you before digging into this mess. I want to keep this simple and stress-free. It’s like shopping at home and not spending a penny on a new wardrobe!

Simple Things Needed: Containers marked — Throw Away | Donate | Keep

As you begin, separate your clothing according to type. I’ve broken mine into categories such as: Dresses, Skirts & Pants, Shirts | Blouses | Sweaters, Coats & Jackets, Wraps, etc. It is much easier to make decisions when trying on each item individually. Inspect them.

Ask yourself 3 questions (as you look at yourself in the mirror):

  1. Does this make me feel good?

  2. Would I buy it again?

  3. Does this do anything for me?

Cas Aarssen, from Clutterbug says — “You deserve clothing that fits you. You deserve clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. And if there’s one single thing in your dresser that doesn’t fit you, it does not belong in your dresser.”

This is great advice! Don’t allow your unnecessary clothes to bully you into taking up your valuable space.

I realize February is a short month. By breaking down each category—item by item—it could take all month. When placing your “Keep” articles back in your closet, be sure to hang your hangers all in the same direction. After each use, if you decide not to launder it, switch the hanger backwards to remind you that you’ve recently worn it. Another tip some suggest color coordinating your clothing. I prefer to coordinate according to category. My closet has areas for longer items such as dresses. On the other side of my drawers in the closet, my closet is set up for top bar to include shirts, sweaters, jackets (shorter items), the lower bar is set up for other items to coordinate with the top bar — skirts, pants. Remember, to keep your closet organized, when purchasing a new clothing item; remove an item that you don’t use any longer. This will keep your closet from too much cluttering. I also prefer to divide my closet according to the season. The spring | summer items are in the closet; while the fall | winter clothing is stored in the basement closet. You will find this to keep your closet fresh with new appearance — almost like getting a new wardrobe every season! Who wouldn’t love that?

Let’s look at those drawers! Empty each drawer on the floor. Pick up each item separately. Ask yourself the same 3 questions, but also think — If I were to be in an accident, would I be embarrassed to have this underwear cut off me? My mother always said to be sure to have clean underwear on. Mother always knows best. Great advice! Your clothing, including undergarments should make you feel good about yourself. If it has holes, no match, stained, lost its shape — throw it out! Even if you only have a couple items remaining, keep only the ones that make you feel good. Repeat this for each category — bras, pantyhose & socks.

Now, that we are on a roll — this decluttering is addictive — do we even want to tackle the accessories [scarves, jewelry, hats, belts], shoes, purses, and makeup?

The end result should express YOU! It should all fit you and make you feel Beautiful!

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