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Don’t Push Me to the Curb [God Isn’t Down with Me — Yet]

Come with me as I pause the recorder [I’m really aging myself now] to review my life thoughts. As I am quickly approaching another birthday, I look back through the timeline. Going back in time isn’t usually what I would suggest to do. One is suppose to look to the future with plans and goals to reach for direction; a finish line in your race in life. But, this time, I find myself looking back as I began my adventure as a young adult starting my life with a new name with the love of my life. Oh, we were fearless. We had our entire life ahead of us! We were on top of the world! New life. New careers. Where I was weak, he was strong, smart, and a great listener to all of my dreams.

Like my daddy, I am a dreamer. It took me many years to realize this. I had dreams of many things. I am a creator. I could see beauty in the colors, textures, and designs around me. I saw God’s beauty in my life. I saw God working in my life. One thing I could see was that God wants our lives to be simple. Stop and take in all His beauty around us. Get off the racetrack to no where.

Today’s technology supposedly creates a simple life—for some. How our lives have changed with modern technology! But a simple life with technology for some does not make a simple life for all. As I get older, there are things that I just don’t understand—new modern math? Meters and kilometers? There are just some things that I would just prefer not bother learning. But yet, there are things that God has placed on my heart to explore—podcasting, writing a book, websites, virtual coaching. Who would have ever imagined this 50 years ago? 50 years. I remember, when I was a little girl, thinking my mom was really old. She is only 20 years older than me. Looking back, she had her life together raising 5 kids, working, and running a household. My mom and dad were always there for us; never wanting for anything. When I reached her age, I never thought of myself as old. Still today, I don’t think of myself as old—but I am. It’s time to start thinking about my legacy.

Being a woman—a wife, mother and now a grandmother—I see how creative my mother and grandmother were in the balancing act of life. When I look back at my timeline, I failed. I didn’t have my life together. I was trying to balance all of the bowls of life in 24 hours. If I did this, I would have to sacrifice this. For this reason, I’m building a legacy for those woman after me to see my mistakes. My life was cluttered—crammed with errands, paper, decorative pieces (I’m a decorator—duh), clothes (usually most didn’t fit or weren’t flattering). You name it; I probably had a dozen of them. Time was wasted by attempting to find a place for everything. I realize today—time & space is very valuable.

It wasn’t until after retirement that I learned that a simple life can be achieved even for the working wife & mother. The simple lesson is … declutter! Throw it to the curb [or donate].

Oh we have piles…and piles…and piles of stuff—important stuff that we need to do something with. THAT is time consuming! Or is it? If we just take care of it the first time, we wouldn’t have these piles. I heard someone say not too long ago—OHIO. [Only Handle It Once] Don’t make piles that you will never get to.

  • If it is paper/mail, open it; throw away anything you don’t need | file things that you need to take action on | file away any reference material — manuals, policies, etc. Find a home for everything; not a pile.

  • If it is clothing/household items, throw away anything that—

    • Doesn’t fit or work any longer

    • It doesn’t work properly

    • You have too many—how many spatulas does one need in a kitchen?

If it doesn’t make you or your home look good, throw it to the curb or donate it.

Your home and your time is very valuable! Your life will be much simpler if you use your space wisely. Be simple. It will change your life! Don’t allow time (or the lack of it) to push you to the curb. Contact me at to set up a free consultation to regain valuable time in your life to enjoy!

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