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April Showers Bring May Flowers But It Also Brings Exterior CleanUP!

We are always so happy to see spring come. There is hope in our eyes when we see the trees starting to bud, see the flowers starting to pop through the ground. I can’t wait for the colors to change the old, dead landscape of winter. Those April showers will bring us those beautiful colors in our landscape, BUT it will also bring us those spring storms of wind and rain. During a recent storm in our community, we lost a 50 foot elm tree.

Storm Damage

Thankfully, Mother Nature blew it away from our house. We heard the crash!

But that’s not the only clean-up that needs to be done on the exterior of your home. Take a stroll outside to check the condition of your home. What did winter do to your home?

Cleaning up the exterior of your home is a wonderful time to perform exterior maintenance touches and brighten up your curb appeal. Here are some simple, but necessary areas to improve and upkeep your home:

The storms have created a mess in your gutters, your roof, and yard. Be sure to clean your gutters, while the weather is nice, to clear the debris from the last storm. Check your shingles for loose areas. Have you lost any shingles? Do you have any roof damage? You sure don’t want to find it during the next storm! Before mowing your lawn for the first time this spring, make sure all twigs, branches, and dead debris are picked up. Does your lawn need to be fertilized? Has your bushes and trees overgrown their home? Oh, and those beautiful flowers. Do they need to be transplanted or moved to a different area?

Let’s not overlook the exterior of your home. Be sure to check the windows for damage or repairs. While the weather is nice, clean them. Power washing your home and deck|patio can make a huge difference on your curb appeal! Depending on your length and harshness of winter will define the length of your exterior clean up.

Now, the fun part of Spring Clean UP is the freshen up! Add your colors for this season! Put a coat of fresh paint on the exterior of your home. Create something new for this season. Add accents to your exterior in your landscaping through flowers, plants and trees, outdoor furniture, and fun accessories. Let your home scream WELCOME!

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