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Marble Surface

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Every decorating dilemma has a story behind it.  Feel free to sit down in your comfortable chair to receive Inspiration for Your story.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more Inspiration!

Anderson Teen Bedroom

Amelia "M" Rose is a beautiful name for a beautiful young lady!  For a 16th birthday surprise,  M's parents want to create a new teenage bedroom for their daughter.  M loves, like all teenage girls, to have her privacy in her own space.  She enjoys reading, listening to her music and talking to her friends.  As her middle name is Rose, she loves the outdoors growing her flowers in her garden--especially roses.  

The FOCUS inspiration piece, succulent planter, was found on Amazon to sit on her desk.  So classy.  So beautiful.  So "M".  M's color palette was created around this piece and built on her love for flowers.  This is a room any young lady would love to have to make her dreams come true!

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